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About Everest Point Homeschool Academy

Everest Point Homeschool Academy is an amazing TUITION FREE enrichment opportunity for homeschool families.  At Everest Point (EP), students have access to a variety of classes taught by licensed or highly qualified staff.  Students attend for one day per week and can participate in programs ranging from academic (math, science, history, etc.) to elective (cooking, music, physical education, etc.).  Of course, this is just a sampling of the types of classes EP offers.  We strive to offer exciting and new classes each year.  Everest Point is dedicated to providing engaging and interesting classes by instilling hands-on instruction and learning.  We also offer opportunities such as Yearbook and Student Council.  There are many fun things to participate in at EP, making it the BEST day of the week! 


Everest Point is staffed with professionals who understand and embrace the homeschool community.  We recognize the desires of our families and we completely support parent choice in alternative forms of education.  We partner with families, recognizing that you are the primary educator, to create the best experience possible.  


What does a typical day at Everest Point look like?  Families choose 5 classes that their student will attend for the school year.  Students rotate through periods 1 - 3 before lunch, and there is a Social Break between first and second hour.  Students enjoy an extended lunch designed to provide ample social time, and they then go to their last two periods of the day.  At EP, we recognize that culture and student comfortability enhance an amazing educational experience.   


If you have any questions, please send us a message!


Everest Point and Colorado Early Colleges

Everest Point operates under and is a part of Colorado Early Colleges.


Students in grades 10th - 12th have the option of taking post secondary classes while they are still in high school.  This is a TUITION FREE opportunity.  No fees or book costs.  The best deal in town!  Please contact us for more information.  


Office Contact - 719-744-2362