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Secondary Staff

Leigh Moore M.A.
Language Arts 


I am a Colorado native who was raised in Texas and finally made it back home to Colorado three years ago. My husband, Brendon, and I have four (awesome!) children, and we love to take road trips, go camping, and watch movies together.

My parents would tell you that they knew I was born to be an English teacher from a young age--all of my childhood books have editing marks I made where I thought the publishing company had gotten it wrong! So it was no surprise when I graduated with a degree in English from Texas A&M University. After completing my M.A. at Baylor University, I taught composition classes there for the next eleven years.

I've also homeschooled our four children since 2008. We thought we would "try it out" for one year when our oldest started kindergarten, but have never looked back since. I count it as my single greatest success in teaching them that all four are self-described “bookworms.” 

I am passionate about reading good books, teaching effective writing skills, and seeing as much of this beautiful world as I can!

Jim Rittenhouse

Monday History


Mr. Jim Rittenhouse has a BA in Political Science with minors in math and English, with more than 60 post-graduate hours. He has been teaching for 30 years in public schools and homeschool enrichment programs.   

Mr. Rittenhouse’s involvement for the National Endowment for the Humanities has included: working with grant assessment, facilitating in special programs, co-presenting a workshop at the state convention with the NEH Director of Education, and attending numerous workshops. He also served as Director of the NEH-funded program for teachers called The New Great Plains: A Colorado Perspective.

Mr. Rittenhouse has given over 15 years to non-profit work, including serving on the Board of Yuma County Economic Development Corporation, the Board of Idalia Vision Foundation (a community development 501 c 3), Adviser for Idalia Youth in Community Service (a student-run non-profit), various boards of El Pomar Foundation, East Yuma County Telecommunications Committee, Vision Foundation Medical Clinic Committee, and others.

When not working with the humanities, Mr. Rittenhouse enjoys coaching baseball, girls basketball, strength training, and track. He has been a journeyman electrician for 30 years. Above all, nothing is more important to him than his wife of many years and his four grown children.

Deanna Marcy

Spanish, Career Exploration, Musical Theatre


Deanna Marcy has worked with homeschoolers for many years. She homeschooled both of her own daughters all the way through high school; she’s also an experienced teacher, particularly in the context of homeschool enrichment programs, where she has taught, counseled, and assisted for more than 18 years. She is almost a native Spanish speaker; she grew up a missionary kid in Central America and learned to love the language, the culture, and the people. Over the years she has taught multiple subjects (speech, writing, literature, Spanish, music, history), to all grades from first through twelfth. In addition, she has been involved in community theatre for the past 9 years, playing in the orchestra, acting, singing, and directing; she is a member of the Pearl Street Jive swing dance team; and in 2018 she became the choir director for the BrightonMusic Choir and Orchestra. Mrs. Marcy’s gift and her passion for teaching have been repeatedly affirmed by those who have observed them. She is excited to see how her experience and her talents can be used to encourage and teach young people at Everest Point Homeschool Academy.

Thomas Muldowney

Video/Movie Production and Computer Programming


Thomas Muldowney has worked on the forefront of many technologies for over 20 years, including instant messaging, cryptography, 3D engines, embedded systems, and more. He is most interested in technologies that help people and allow them to maintain control over their data. Thomas feels that the future for many students is in technology, so he is excited to share some of that with Everest Point.

Thomas is a very supportive family man who helps his wife homeschool their 9 children. In his spare time, he enjoys disc golf, D&D, watching CS: GO and League of Legends, and working on personal projects.

Ashley De los Santos

Secondary Science


Hello! My name is Ashley de los Santos, and I am so happy to be teaching at Everest Point this year! 

I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Colorado Mesa University, and am passionate about all things science. I absolutely love learning, and hope to share my fascination with the world around me with my students.

I have been homeschooling for five years now and counting, and taught at another enrichment school last year. My three children will be attending Everest Point and are looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old. 

The homeschooling community is the best! We are all so excited to get to know the families of Everest Point! 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, any and all things outdoors, swimming, jogging, playing games with my kids, teaching children’s church, reading, and gardening.